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Exploring Teacher Mediation of Subject Learning with ICT: A Multimedia Approach

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Project team: Sara Hennessy and Rosemary Deaney

This site offers links to a free set of multimedia tools for professional development. These unique online resources present video case studies of secondary teachers using interactive whiteboards in English, history and science, and a data projector, laptops and graphing software in mathematics. Each resource covers one topic area but offers more general ideas applicable to using the IWB in other areas, across a range of student ages. A fifth resource includes video clips from all four subjects and illustrates cross-cutting themes.

The materials aim to stimulate debate and reflection rather than present models of ‘best practice’. They include hyperlinks to video clips from the emerging themes, prompts for thinking and discussion, suggested alternative approaches, and analytic commentary from teachers and researchers. They illustrate and question how the technologies can be exploited to enhance learning in real classrooms. The resources can be used by individuals or groups of colleagues / student teachers.

Click on the links below to see the resources, but first please read the Technical Information pdf.

For more information about what each resource contains, see its first menu item, “Disc overview.”

English Resource HIstory resource Maths resource Science Resource Across subjects
English History Maths Science Across subjects

Available on CD-Rom

All of the resources are also available on CD-ROM at cost price. Download the order form (and project reports) from our Faculty of Education publications website.

You can also download some examples of teaching resources used in the lessons depicted, and try these out in the classroom.

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The research was funded by ESRC grant RES-000-23-0825 during 2005-07.esrc logo